iPhone HUD app (Concept)

HUD (Heads Up Display) app concept for iOS, to be used while driving with your phone in a mount.

My goal for this concept was to figure out a better way to design a HUD app that solved my own needs, and hopefully the needs of other folks.  Mainly, people with a base model or older vehicle without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and without an outside temperature sensor and compass in their vehicle. It was also important that the app work in both landscape and portrait modes, because of the variety of different vehicles out there.

HUD app concept dashboard – designed for landscape
HUD app concept dashboard – designed for landscape
Also designed for portrait orientation
Also designed for portrait orientation

Design Features

  • Driving (focus mode) with speedometer, compass, current weather conditions, and weather alerts.
  • Phone mode to call your favorite contacts. Rely on “Hey Siri” functionality to read or compose text messages.
  • Maps mode launches your favorite mapping application, such as Apple or Google Maps.
  • MusicPodcasts, and Audiobooks modes to listen to whatever you feel like.
An arrangement of different iPhones showing various different views in the HUD app

What I Learned

The other HUD apps I found on the iOS App Store were often lacking one or two critical things that were important to me. This was a good exercise in keeping the design very focused. It also made me think more about accessibility than I originally expected.  

If this app existed, I would actually enjoy using it.

Two iPhones showing different screens of the HUD app concept
An isometric view showing many iPhones laid out with various screens from the HUD app